When the workout is complete, the race is won, and the match is over, your body needs to recover, refresh and revitalise.

Rockface Sport is our new range featuring four fantastic products, each packed with ingredients which deliver real sporting benefits, aiding recovery after sport. This new range also features a new Rockface fragrance. It’s a citrus blast of lemon and bergamot, softening into spices and wood, with base notes of moss and musk. Fling some in your gym bag and immerse yourself in this great new range that is simply dedicated to sport.

Rockface Sport Showerwash contains turmeric, a natural anti-inflammatory which may help muscles to recover quicker after sport. Lather up and massage into your skin to revitalise and invigorate the body.

Rockface Sport 48 hour Anti-perspirant Deodorant offers 48 hour protection against wetness and odour, but also has a special stain reducing formula meaning less white marks after application. Packed with the new Rockface fragrance, blast your underarms for the ultimate deodorant protection and fragrance burst.

Rockface Sport Moisturiser contains Pronalen, a marine algae with intensive moisturising properties which is clinically proven to help rebalance the hydration and temperature of the skin after intense physical exercise. Ideal for use after sport, this moisturiser cools, replenishes electrolytes and rapidly hydrates, leaving skin soft and smooth. Massage gently into your face after showering.

Rockface Sport Body Spray is packed with the refreshing new Rockface Sport Fragrance with added ginger to refresh, cool and provide major zing. The perfect finish to your Rockface Sport grooming regime, spray liberally for total body refreshment.

The Rockface Sport range is available from our online shop and major retailers including Waitrose and larger Tesco stores.