Manblog has had his share of grooming faux pas over the years – here are some common pitfalls and some simple advice on how to avoid them.

Bald heads – if you’re faced with losing your hair lads, you just have to learn to embrace the shiny egg head. No amount of products or gadgets is bringing that hair back. Comb overs, all-day hat wearing, just no. Nobody but you really cares anyway.

Exfoliation – Face Scrub is a marvellous thing, getting rid of all that nasty sloughy dead stuff that’s hiding the ‘real you’ underneath. However, don’t use it every day as that can irritate the skin and cause it to produce more oil than you need and you may end up looking like an irritated grease ball. Once a week should be enough scrub.

Eyebrows – a well tamed but substantial eyebrow is not unattractive but if they meet in the middle you’re in trouble. Wax at home or go to a salon and experience the joy that is threading if you’re brave enough.

Feet – unveiling a pair of hooves for the summer sandal season is a definite no no. If you clip your toe nails once a week, soak your feet in the shower and use a file all year round, that’s literally all you need to do. If you have athlete’s foot, for goodness sake sort it out, there’s enough products on the shelf. No excuse.

Hands – the first thing people probably look at apart from shoes. Make sure hands are spotless and nails are cut short, filed and clean. If you can’t be bothered to use a hand cream, squirt an extra bit of face moisturiser on your hands from time to time. Sorted.

Dandruff – if you’re lucky enough to have hair, there is nothing more off putting than a man with flakes on his shoulders. As per athlete’s foot, there are so many products out there to treat dandruff, please just buy one.

Scent – the key here is DON’T OVERDO IT. A subtle whiff of fragrance is a lovely thing, the pong of deodorant, body spray and aftershave all jostling for position is not. Rein yourself into one fragrance across all your grooming products, and when you think you haven’t quite applied enough, that’s when to stop.