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Unwanted Whiskers

By 2 March 2017December 11th, 2020No Comments

When you’re giving our new Shave Butter a whirl, don’t forget your other hairy bits – it would be a shame to have a baby soft face and a big hairy nose and ears now wouldn’t it?

As time marches on you will begine to sprout excess hair in places you haven’t seen it before, apparently due to those ever fluctuating hormones. Particularly ironic in those who may be receding ontop, but that’s nature for you and it needs to be kept under control.

There’s no excuse for woolly mammoth ears and noses, not in winter and certainly not in the summer.

A gentleman’s barber will usually offer to trim unruly eyebrows, but only the very bravest of hair stylists will trim nose and ear hair so you need to keep an eye on the fur factor in and around these extremities.

You can buy special zappers (officially called hair trimmers) which are much easier and less eye watering to use than tweezers.