Grooming advice


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Men and feet.  Not always the most pleasant of subjects, but actually, with a simple foot grooming regime you can buck the trend and become the man who wears his flip flops with style!

First – after you shower in the morning and after sports, don’t ignore your feet in the drying process – make sure you dry carefully between the toes – this will help prevent fungal infections which thrive in a moist environment.

Second – keep an eye on any hard skin or callouses that may be appearing – you can get all sorts of hard skin removers these days, from magic exfoliator socks (I kid you not) to the very popular pedi-egg which looks like a cross between an egg and a cheese grater but it is pain free and really works on  hard skin. Your girlfriend’s probably got one but we would recommend buying your own as it’s not something she is ever going to share with you.

Third – toe nails – it’s easy – keep them short and always cut square to the toe to prevent ingrowing toe nails.  Use nail clippers if you’re not very handy with a pair of nail scissors.

Lastly – odour control. Wear fresh socks EVERY DAY – not every other day or worse.  You can now buy packs of socks featuring the days of the week so there’s no excuse, and we don’t mind if you wear Monday’s on Wednesday as long as they’re clean. If you are prone to smelly feet, investigate antibacterial socks which contain an odour killer, or insoles. Don’t wear the same shoes every day and wear leather wherever possible.

If you can manage all or most of this advice you should have the loveliest feet around but we would prefer not to receive photographic evidence.