Facial Topiary

Stubble or no stubble?

According to studies, most women shown photographs of men from clean shaven to full beards preferred the look of stubble – manly but not unkempt – the rugged

If you want to look like you’ve just ‘stubbled’ (sorry stumbled) off the set of Miami Vice a la Don Johnson, then here’s how:

Shave every two days to keep the stubbly shadow without it developing into a full beard. This might itch a bit at first but daily cleansing with a good face wash should help. Watch out for razor bumps – this is when hair grows back on itself into a pore in the skin. The best way to deal with razor bumps is to tweeze out the offending hair.

You can also invest in clippers to keep your stubble trimmed to a suitable length.

If all this sounds like hard work and you look less Don Johnson and more neanderthal man then shave it all off and go back to being baby smooth.

Most of the studies into facial topiary probably didn’t ask women to kiss the stubbly men before they made up their minds – and a quick vote in the Rockface office is heavily in favour of less stubble, more smooth cheeks please!