Do you test any of your products on animals?
No, none of our products are tested on animals and we are vegan friendly.

Do any of your products contain microbeads?
No, none of our products now contain microbeads. The scrub particles in our new face and body exfoliator are made from rice and crushed walnuts!

Do any of your products contain parabens?
No, we are proud to say that none of the products in the range now contain parabens

Why do your moisturisers not have an SPF?
In developing Rockface we found that most men applied a separate sun cream and didn’t want one included in their daily moisturiser, we are closely monitoring our users to see if this attitude changes, and if it does we will introduce a moisturiser with an SPF.

Are Rockface products made in Britain?
Yes we are proud to be a Great British company, developed and made in Britain