Winter’s cold temperatures and dry atmosphere can make skin dry, rough and even scaly (yikes). If you’ve generally ignored skincare this winter and resemble a rhinoceros, you need to get cracking now so that your spring self will emerge smooth and baby soft from its chrysalis, ready to take on the warmer weather.

EXFOLIATE – It’s not a swear word and it’ll do you the world of good. Rockface Face & Body Scrub is ideal – it’s gentle on the skin and contains microparticles to get rid of impurities and winter flakes.

CLEANSE – After exfoliating, use a gentle but deep cleanser to wipe away the remnants of winter.

MOISTURISE – ‘But it’s spring, I don’t need a moisturiser’ I hear you cry. Schoolboy error boys. Your newly exfoliated baby soft skin still needs nourishment and protection. Our All Weather Moisturiser is a good option.

This is your new mantra – ExfoliateCleanseMoisturise – read carefully, inwardly digest, and DO it, when you remember, obviously!

Spring is also a good time for a bit of a clean out – no, we’re not asking you to get the Dyson out, don’t panic. It’s a good time to have a good old look at your razor blades, shaving stuff, toothbrush, and anything else that might be past its sell by date on your bathroom shelf. Throw it away and replace.

Cathartic stuff boys. Go for it!

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