Deodorants, body sprays, scent? We have everything you need to keep fresh and fragrant, and all of our products contain either the Rockface or Rockface Sport fragrance, both developed by perfumiers, with top, middle and base notes which develop throughout the day to keep you smelling fresh as a daisy.

The Rockface range includes:

48 hour anti-perspirant deodorant – tough on perspiration and guaranteed protection for up to 48 hours
Hypo Allergenic 48 hour deodorant – the only product in the range which is fragrance free, this deodorant protects for up to 48 hours and is truly hypo allergenic and suitable for the most sensitive of underarms. Team with Rockface Body Spray to get your hit of the Rockface fresh citrus fragrance.
Active Body Spray – spray liberally all over the body for a fresh citrus burst.

We also have Gift Sets containing a limited edition Rockface Eau de Toilette, packed with the signature Rockface fragrance and available exclusively from the online shop. Treat yourself or someone else!

The Rockface fragrance is a fresh, citrus scent with top notes of green apple, bergamot, mandarin and coriander, middle notes of jasmine, cedar leaf and muguet and a base of precious woods, musk and amber.

The Rockface Sport range includes:

48 hour anti-perspirant deodorant – guaranteed protection for up to 48 hours, with a special stain reducing formula meaning less white marks after application.
Body Spray – packed with the Rockface Sport fragrance, but with added ginger for freshness and zing.

A true pick-me-up for total body refreshment after sport. The Rockface Sport fragrance is a fresh green fougere scent with top notes of lemon, bergamot and mandarin, middle notes of spices and wood, and a base of amber, moss and musk.

All products are available from our online shop.