Summer: 2015 Man Shoe Trends

Manblog loves summer but he hates wearing shoes in hot weather, just not pleasant, either for manblog or those in a 5 foot radius around him. Here’s the top 5 pick of the SS15 man shoe trends according to fashionbeans – the best, both in style, and breatheability:

Suede Brogues – if you have to wear a pair of formal shoes, then a suede brogue which has holes in the top for the air to circulate (genius) are your best option – and they look really rather smart with a lightweight suit – always go for suede – it’s lighter and cooler than nasty old leather

Boat Shoes – GET NEW ONES – the old pair in your wardrobe that are probably walking around on their own by now simply won’t cut the mustard. The experts say throw caution to the wind and go for polka dots and wild patterns – we’re a bit doubtful about this to be honest – manblog tends to play it fairly safe with his shoes – but each to their own. Again, go for canvas and suede rather than leather (see brogues)

Mesh/Woven Slip Ons – are also apparently a good thing. We’re not sure what they actually are, but on closer inspection they seem to be a slip on with a woven upper – think Jude Law in the Talented Mr Ripley but try not to look like a wicker basket.

Leather Sandals – the experts say they should have a whiff of gladiator about them – again, we’re a bit, frankly, scared about this – manblog will never look like a gladiator, and a pair of sandals won’t even scratch the Russell Crowe surface. If you insist on going down this route, keep them simple, with wide comfy straps, with no part of the sandal trying to creep up your leg and you should be fine. Of course you can carry off a gladiator sandal….

Driving Shoes – the richer cousin of the moccasin and you don’t need to own a car to have a pair! Manblog is throwing caution to the wind and has his eyes on a bright turquoise blue pair of driving choice – also great for wearing without socks. Remember to rotate with other shoes though so everyone, including the driving shoe gets a chance to breathe.
Have a look at fashion beans for more info and lovely pictures.