Stay Smooth – With our Skin Saver Bundle

Our skin saver bundle contains everything you need to get rid of all that dry, winter skin and emerge fresh faced for the spring.

Face & Body Scrub: Exfoliation is key to smooth man skin, but you don’t want anything too harsh that might irritate. Our scrub contains absolutely NO micro beads, but uses crushed walnut shells and ground rice, creating an exfoliating blend that is delicate enough to use on your face whilst getting the job done.

Energising Facewash: Infused with green coffee extract, our facewash stimulates and energises the skin, whilst balancing the complexion. It also contains oligopeptides derived from chickpeas which help to remove dead skin cells and combat the signs of fatigue, perfect for keeping your spring skin smooth.

Shave Gel: The ultimate shave gel for a friction-free shave, this gel delivers an extra-thick creamy foam with active cooling and moisturising ingredients.

Anti-Ageing Moisturiser: Formulated with Fucogel®, an anionic polysaccharide which soothes and moisturises skin, this rich, nourishing moisturiser also contains five essential minerals and radish root, a natural anti-bacterial agent, to leave skin looking and feeling truly moisturised.

The One Stop Skin Saver bundle is available exclusively from our online shop for just £10 including P&P (RRP £19.25).

Stay smooth.