Spring: Summer 2016 Trends for Men!

Blimey, just as you were getting used to your woolly jumpers and your thermal vest, it’s all change as spring summer fashions are here.  Yikes.  Change. We don’t like change.  Manblog specifically doesn’t like change. Or weird stuff. So how ‘out there’ are the SS16 menswear trends?

Top Pockets – OK this one doesn’t sound so bad – we can do pockets – and what’s more – we can use them to PUT STUFF IN. Tick.

Socks – with shorts or cropped trousers – after years of being told you look like a tourist – the man-sock is now in fashion. Wear it while you can!

Suede – winter shearling has morphed into suede – a suede jacket of any style will set you up nicely for spring. Double tick.

No Tucking In – and we don’t mean just with jeans.  You are now being told that it is acceptable to wear a formal shirt with a hangy out shirt.  Manblog’s mum is frothing at the mouth but we like this.  Fashion is SO easy. Tick tick tick.

Wide Legs – just when you thought fashion was simple and totally achievable, the curved ball gets thrown. Cropped jeans with wide legs.  A disaster waiting to happen – manblog does not possess the certain je ne sais quoi to carry this one off.

Green – apparently a key trend for a while (ahem) the green theme is here to stay.  Subtle or not so subtle green – luckily you can choose whether you want to be bottle green (subtle) or tropically challenged (not so subtle).

Texture – they mean quilts, corduroy and ‘glass wool’.  WE mean old bobbly jumpers and scratchy sweats – so actually don’t bin your woolly jumper after all, you need it – fashion innit.

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