We all like a good old fashioned compliment and one that we get here at Rockface HQ more often than any other is an all round big thumbs up for the Rockface fragrance. We think this is probably because the Rockface fragrance, in all its citrusy, woody glory, is a truly premium scent developed by perfumiers, and a bit of a cut above the rest.

Why is a perfumier made scent so special then?

All perfumier made fragrances have top, middle and base notes. These are basically layers of scent which make up the overall fragrance. Top notes tend to be light in aroma and evaporate quickly, after 5 – 30 minutes. Middle notes form the body of the scent and usually take around 30 minutes to start developing once the scent has been applied to the skin. Middle notes ‘define’ the scent. Base notes are the heaviest molecularly and last the longest. They also help slow down the evaporation of the top notes, making the overall scent last longer.

The distinctive Rockface fragrance, used in all the products, has top notes of green apple, bergamot, mandarin and coriander, middle notes of jasmine, cedar leaf and muguet and a base of precious woods, musk and amber. This means that Rockface products perform like an aftershave, with the scent developing through the notes as the day goes on.

What better way to wake up than with a Rockface Shower Wash, flinging a blast of invigorating citrus, bergamot and apples straight at you to start the day. Shave, moisturise and deodorise with the same great fragrance, and finish with a layer of Body Spray to put a spring in your step and set you up for the day.

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